Reasons to Select Vinyl When Windows Require Replacing

A major home improvement like Window Replacement is a significant investment. Getting the highest return possible on that investment is the main factor to consider when selecting the materials of the replacement windows. Wood offers natural beauty but is expensive and labor intensive to maintain.

Wood is also highly susceptible to rot, insects, corrosion, and splintering. Cellular PVC is similar to wood in appearance without the high maintenance. Wood provides the look desired but is not as energy-efficient as vinyl Window Replacement Atlanta.

Energy-Efficient Technology

High-quality vinyl windows are extremely efficient due to two technological advances. One is called low E glass, which is designed to keep heated air inside and cold air outside in the winter. During warmer months, the cool air remains inside, and the hot air is kept outside.

The result is consistent interior temperatures for comfort and savings on utility bills all year around. Heating and cooling systems are not struggling to keep up with family demands, so they require fewer repairs and replacements. The optimum operation of systems saves money and adds to the return on the investment.

Argon Gas 3

The second technology combines well with the glass to achieve the highest energy ratings available today. The gas is three times denser than ordinary air and is placed between the panes of glass in the window. This drastically reduces the transfer of hot and cold air through the windows.

Seals are less likely to be damaged by temperature changes. This will be evident because the interior of the window will not become foggy. The use of two technologies allows manufacturers to back vinyl Windows Atlanta with a lifetime Weatherlok warranty.

Low Maintenance Durability

Vinyl is virtually maintenance-free because the material will never crack, peel, rot, fade, or be susceptible to corrosion or insect damage. Stains are resisted, and cleaning can be done with a garden hose. Windows made of vinyl will last much longer than any other material used in replacements.

Finding the Right Company

It is imperative to find an experienced Window Company Atlanta to provide and install windows for home replacement. These must fit into the old window spaces perfectly to avoid leaks, uneven placement, and the potential for structural damage. The right company will have staff available to present information and options so homeowners can make informed decisions.

The affordable pricing of vinyl, along with the high energy-efficiency, makes it the best window choice for residential replacement projects. Compare the return on the investment of wood and PVC windows to be confident in your decision.


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